Borough Council

The responsibilities of the Borough Council are divided in several Committees, each specializing in a specific area(s) of Borough operations. For their specific areas, Committees are responsible for reporting to Council, bringing matters to Councirs attention. and making recommendations to Council for actions related to the Committee. By this division. Council is able to (1) cultivate leadership and expertise over the range of Borough operations, (2) ensure proper oversight of all Borough operations.

Committees should oversee the administration of their respective areas by Borough personnel. and should not be involved in the day-to-day administration of such policies, nor directing Borough personnel. except as may be otherwise authorized by Council. Borough personnel may ask the Committee for guidance in the administration of policy and the Committee may make recommendations to the Borough personnel. However. only Council as a whole may direct Borough personnel to take specific actions.

Each Committee shall have an appointed Chair, who may ask members of Council/ Mayor to join the Committee.

Novel issues and gray overlapping areas of responsibility shall be assigned to Committee(s) at direction of President of Council.

NamePositionGeneral StructureDetails
Dan CarrollMayorZoning & Code EnforcementOversee enforcement of zoning and property
Adis HalimicCouncil Member
Frank MeladandriCouncil MemberBudget & FinanceOversight of Borough Finances
Frank MeladandriCouncil MemberGeneral Office AdministrationOversight of Borough Office
Brad YaksichCouncil PresidentGrantsAssist other Committees on grant opportunities
Brad YaksichCouncil PresidentPublic Health, Safety & UtilitiesOversee provision of Public Health, Safety & Utility Services to the Borough
Shawna EckerCouncil Vice PresidentRecreational & Community DevelopmentOversight of Recreation & Community Development
George WhiteCouncil MemberFacilitiesOversight of Public Facilities (Borough owned Buildings, Public Works Garage, Salt Shed, Salt Shed Garage, Pump House, Rachel Carson Pavilion, MacLean Bathroom, Memorial Gazebo etc.)
Frank StanishCouncil Member