Cheswick Borough Information
Grass, Weeds, Trees, Hedges:
Owners or tenants must keep grounds free of weeds and must keep the grass cut. Grounds must be kept free of junk, debris and dangerous, objectionable or noxious matter. This includes animal waste. Trees and bushes are to be kept from overhanging sidewalks and streets and are to be trimmed to above eight feet. Trees and bushes must not obstruct the view of traffic.

Dogs are not permitted to run at large. Dogs are not permitted to deposit waste on property other than its owners. If so, it must be removed immediately. Persistent barking is not allowed. All dogs must be licensed.

Building Permits:
Building permits are required for most work on a home or business. Building permits are also required for new dwellings, additions, garages, decks, porches, and in-ground pools. Maintenance on buildings, such as new paint or siding, window replacement and roof repairs, do not require a building permit. It is suggested that the Building Inspector be contacted to discuss whether a project requires a building permit.

Collection of Taxes:
Earned Income (wage) taxes and occupational privilege taxes (LST) are collected by Keystone Collections Group. Wage tax is 1% of earned income and occupational privilege tax (LST) is $1/week or $52/year. Real Estate taxes are collected by the Tax Collector, Louise Parkhill. Current millage is .00585 mills for Cheswick Borough tax and .20083770 mills for Allegheny Valley School District. For evening tax collection hours, please call the Tax Collector at 724-275-7722.

Garbage Schedule:
Garbage/Refuse Collection day is on Wednesday. If there is a weekday holiday on or before Wednesday, then collection will be 1 day later. We ask that garbage be put out for pick-up no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day before pick-up.