Public Health, Safety & Utility Committee


  • Liaison with service providers:
    • Fire Department, including overseeing Borough’s interests regarding merger
    • Lower Vallev EMS. including overseeing Borough’s interests regarding financial stability
    • AVJSA representatives, including Borough’s interests regarding sewage expansion project & service
    • Harmar Water Authority, including overseeing implementation of water purchase contract
    • Springdale Borough, including overseeing use of Springdale Borough as emergency water backup
    • AVRPD, including overseeing Borough·s interests in AVRPD
    • AVEMA, including overseeing Borough’s interest with AVEMA
    • Dogcatcher, including overseeing Borough ·s use of dogcatcher & contract
    • Vogel, including overseeing on refuse contract and promotion of HHW & E-Waste
  • Oversee Utility Billing process, including issuance of water bills, past due/delinquent bills. disputed bills.
  • Develop and make public health & safety recommendations to Council
  • Oversee implementation of Council approved public health & safety recommendations
  • Oversee assigned portion of the Budget and exercise authority as per Resolution 2022-2.


Oversee provision of Public Health. Safety, and Utility services to the Borough

Committee Chair

Brad Yaksich/George White